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Science residency program application

If you would like to join the Science Residency Program, please send an email to Ana at with the following:

  • Full name​

  • Phone number

  • Country (of residence or citizenship)

  • Affiliated Institution (if applicable)

  • Project Proposal (rationale behind the study, study design, sampling methodology, 1000 words maximum)

  • Intended dates of your study

  • Expression of interest (explain why you would like to join the program, 200 words maximum)

  • CV

Science Residency program starts from October 2020. Applications open on 1 June 2020.

​Note: Be prepared to sort out necessary ethics permits, visas, medical check, police check and sampling gear. Also, on Infinity, we will live in a healthy environment with a strict zero-drug policy, non-smoking and with minimal alcohol use, predominantly vegetarian lifestyle, in a compassionate and considerate work space, extending to private as well. 

If you would just like to know more about the Science Residency Program, simply email Ana at and she will send you a more detailed description of the program. 

volunteer positions

We are currently looking for volunteers to help us with fundraising and promotion of the expedition. The following volunteer roles are available:

  • Fundraiser - We are forming a fundraising team of 4 volunteers to work on fundraising for minimum one month. Skills required for this position include: good computer and internet searching skills, written and oral communication skills, including storytelling. The fundraiser should be confident and elegant with good social skills, manners and etiquette. 

  • Video Editor and Filmmaker - We are looking for a person skilled in video-editing for creating a promotional video for the expedition. Patience and creativity are welcome. 

job vacancies

If you are interested in any of these positions, please send a cover letter, CV, and 2 references to Ana at Applications open on 1 May 2020. 

  • Fundraiser

  • Captain - Experience in miles

  • First mate - Experience in miles

  • Engineer 

  • Chef - Experience in vegetarian cooking crucial

  • Housekeeper 

  • Lead researcher - Plastics researcher with a PhD level, or min. 5 year experience in the field of plastic pollution

  • Research assistant - Background in  social sciences

  • Educator - Experience in environmental education

  • Digital Content Creator - social media communications person

​Note: We are looking for several individuals sharing the same role, as the maximum field (at sea) time will be 60 days. Our employees have to be prepared for a zero-drug and non-smoking environment, with minimal alcohol use. We need highly alert and efficient workers to avoid serious injuries and achieve maximum productivity. We will also aim for zero waste and predominantly vegetarian cuisine. 

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